Nelson Rockefeller Wanted Obamacare Plan in 1954


Undoubtedly the Rockefellers were some of the main architects of our modern age. Among the strengths of the globalists is the ability to persist and get their plans one way or another. Try and try again is the hallmark of any successful endeavor but the globalists take this concept to an entirely different level. The scientific dictatorship we all live under is relentless but formulaic. It seems as if when a new plan is introduced its just the same old thing with the dust blown off and a new font.

Nelson Rockefeller as Under Secretary of Health Education and Welfare proposed a plan identical to the Obamacare plan in 1954. The plan was not accepted because the American people were still conscious at that point and did not consent to the governments ability to make the most basic decisions for them. This was problematic for the agenda, having a functioning and informed public is not good for business. The need to be more “discreet” to soften up the populous was an option of increasing importance. It was a time before the complete assault on our collective sensibilities by chemical, psychological, biological and technotronic means.

plan for

Plan for Permanent World Capitol

Plans for a Permanent World Capitol at Flushing Meadows were introduced shortly after word war two as a home for the United Nations. High on the prospect that the world was brokeback from WW2,this plan was introduced with great fanfare by the likes of the Rockefellers, Thomas Watson(IBM), Arthur Hays Sulzberger(New York Times) and many other globalists of the time. It was to be a huge complex with areas for the security council as well as the “economic and social council”. The World Capital was to be serviced by a World Airport and surrounding areas given to diplomats and bureaucracy to live in comfort. Talk about hubris! The plan was eventually rejected for a more discreet UN “headquarters” as was discussed at the time. This may have been a bit to much for the public to swallow at the time. Here we can see a point in history when there is a need by those in power to make a concerted effort to keep reality from those governed. The globalists have a long term plan,one that changes in dimension but not substance.

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