Paris Climate Agreement and the Globalist Death Equation


The purpose of this article is not to prove or disprove man made climate change, only to take a common sense look at some of the proposals, and their effects. Then we will do some simple math just for fun.

The Paris Climate Agreement (COP21) is to be rammed down the throat of the entire world before some countries get smart and realize what it really means. The Paris Climate Agreement a.k.a. Agenda 2030 is going to be ratified without Senate approval. In a historic first President Obama will ratify it himself with out any vote of congress or the American public. This agreement will go into effect on November 4th! It seems the entire world has signed on to a plan to eliminate man made carbon dioxide to levels that can be absorbed by ” plants, oceans and soil” sometime between 2050-2100. Agreed upon terms at the summit also mandate emitting no manmade carbon dioxide by 2100. This would require a complete overhaul of every society on Earth to achieve these goals and there is the pesky little fact that humans exhale the trace gas. Who knew that the 21st century the, “Century of Change”,  had so much change in store for us all. Agenda 21 couldn’t have meant that there was an agenda for the 21st century when it was devised in 1992 just as Agenda 2030 couldn’t  possibly be a fast tracked version of this same overall plan. Hey, they don’t have an agenda for you and your family that includes a much reduced standard of living, low carbohydrate diet(that carbon again), less heating and air conditioning, eliminating personal vehicles, banning of meat(too resource intensive, cow farts) and every other Orwellian nightmare included in this agreement. It’s called an agenda but there is no agenda.


Global warming Climate change whatever fits the bill.


Thinly veiled in all of these proposals is the fact that humans and normal human activity are the enemy and they need to be tightly controlled by the state. Club of Rome documents say that global warming(now climate change) would “fit the bill” as a means of coercing the world into global command and control structure. Humans have normal activities like heating their homes(no more woodstoves, used for 1000s of years), traveling freely(lower your carbon footprint) and eating what you choose(gonna have to take a look at that one too). There are also abnormal human activities like open air nuclear testing, genetic manipulation of food and animals, operating 40 year old nuclear power plants 80% of which are leaking radiation and building dirty coal power when clean coal power is possible. Clean coal is being phased in just as coal is being shutdown. Don’t worry companies like GE, get exemptions from these rules.

Oh, but it is all our fault, Louis the postwoman who delivers my mail really should have consulted me when she built that giant power plant down the street that belches toxic plumes into the sky. John, the guy at Walmart who stocks the shelves, what an evil bastard for ruthlessly  building a global infrastructure that can only run on oil when many alternatives existed in the past and present. How can Mike the mechanic look at himself in the mirror after building flawed nuclear power plants in unstable regions and operating then 20 years past their expiration date. You get the point. People that will have to suffer these austerity measures are all of us, not be the ones that have agreed upon it in Paris. Like it our not it is you fault and your going to pay and pay dearly.

So lets do some basic algebra as Bill Gates says in the video. He and COP21 stated the goal is to get co2 down to zero. So one of these numbers has to get pretty close to zero, he said smugly as the highlight was on the people category. CO2 is carbon dioxide (what we breath out)  P is people    S services/person   E is energy and  C is co2 per unit of energy

CO2=P x S x E x C    

I’m no math professor but even I know that zero times anything is zero. Enter a zero in any part of that equation and the result will be zero. Enter any factor close to zero the result will be near zero. This is exactly the plan. Even if you wrap it up in a nice pink bow with billions in public relations this is still the plan. A lot of people will have to go, after all we use up the most energy, services and even exhale the evil CO2. More than a rigged equation it is a statement of intent and the operating principle behind all these global climate treaties. 300lbs of gorilla in the room does not describe the level to which this fact is being hidden from the people that it will affect the most, us.


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1 Comment on Paris Climate Agreement and the Globalist Death Equation

  1. AkhaldanSolo // December 14, 2015 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    I cannot believe how naive the general populace is. Understanding that this planet has slowly been coming out of an ice age naturally instills a feeling that ‘global warming’ is a totally natural process and NOT created by the lowest rung on the ladder. Unfortunately, this is an event that cannot be stopped regardless of the measures taken, this world is a huge dynamo that will in turn regulate itself, if humans present a clear and present danger Gaia will take the necessary actions to eliminate the cancer itself. IF there are any serious global warming threats the military industrial complex is at fault due to their centuries old dependence on the fossil fuels they have spent countless innocent lives on allocating. Carrying capacity and the Global Warming Hoax is predicated on HUMAN ELITE GREED. There are enough resources on this planet, if allocated correctly can take care of the 7billion plus on this planet and then some, the point is is that the elite do not want THEIR precious resources squandered on the common man. They do not want their favorite vacations spots crowded with ‘useless breathers”.

    The biggest con of the century has just been foisted upon us!

    Folks like Able Danger .com state that the 5 eyes BRIC (Nine Eyes-SERCO-SPECTRE) used Nuclear Blackmail on those countries that did not want to comply at the recent environmental summit.


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