Security Outlook to 2030: 3 Alternative Scenarios



Transnational corporations and their puppet governments working together to ensure their survival against anything they consider a threat around the world.

Global Risks Report 2016 11th Edition was produced for the World Economic Forum held at Davos Switzerland. Produced from a year long study, it included experts from around the globe conducting 10 workshops in 6 different regions. Anyone wanting to engage in their own risk management can read the document here. One of the chapters of the study details the Global Security Outlook 2030 and envisions three possible divergent outcomes. It starts on page 30.

These outcomes are based on current trends already underway and as with any multiple choice question the answer could be D, all of the above. Even the white paper itself describes these 3 possible futures or any combination of them as dystopian.

“The three scenarios may come across as somewhat dystopian, because they are extrapolations of existing, negative trends.”

The report mentions that the future is not written yet and can change for better or worse but, in classic globalist white paper fashion, does not mention the interests that commissioned the report are the creators of the existing negative trends.


The World Economic Forum represents the corporations and governments responsible for all current negative trends listed. Interstate Conflict=bombing the third world back to the stone age which leads to Large-scale involuntary mass migration and State Collapse or Crisis causing Profound Social Instability resulting in Failure of National Governance in favor of International Governance which is the stated goal of the World Economic Forum.


The World Economic Forum represents the corporations and governments responsible for all current negative trends listed.


This is the Judge Dread scenario.

Strong Regions:  This outcome envisions a future where the city state has started to replace the nation state as the main vector of “governance” because the national government is no longer needed as the population is herded into mega cities. Mega regions would act in concert with each other and form a global government, the paper warning that governance may be authoritarian. Strongly resembling the concepts pushed by Rockefeller and Ford Foundation supported  America2050 and the recently announced U.N. Strong Cities Network. The text clearly explains populations will be moved through social and economic means by withholding resources there for undermining traditional democratic processes.


Mega region map from America2050 website.



“Refocusing some security efforts at the level of the city could be another contribution. As urbanization gathers pace, cities will increasingly rival states as the most natural level of government for harnessing technology to deliver public services and security. Devolving resources from national to municipal levels and creating new ways for city leaders to collaborate on security matters may also be faster than reforming established mechanisms for multilateral collaboration among states.”


The more Mad Maxish Scenario

Walled Cities: This scenario describes a near future where the world economy has almost completely melted down and society is even more divided along social and economic lines. The “haves” getting more and separating themselves from the “have nots” in a breakaway civilization type setup. The title of this assessment says it all as the elite retreat to protected areas away from the mass of humanity and governments struggle to keep a lid on a population that is not to happy with the program. All wealth and resources would be located in the wealthy compound areas with the mass of poor left to fend for themselves.



“inequalities of wealth, income,
health, environment and opportunity
continuing to pull communities apart.
In wealthier nations, the middle classes
are hollowed out by declining wages
and dwindling public goods. Those
who can afford it are increasingly
retreating to gated communities and
turning to the private sector for what
were once public services, divorcing
their interests from the common


“even clean air become increasingly
commoditized and traded between
those who can afford them. With
economic and political elites feeling
ever more identical and distant from
citizens, states lose their ability to
bring people together around a shared
narrative or identity. Trust is eroded, as
is the social contract between citizens
and government”




The full Dr. StrangeLove scenario



War and Peace: The scenario predicts a major global conflict that will have a heavy toll on all sides within the next 15 years out of which a new global government will emerge. A third world war where to major superpowers collide and non-state actors(transnational corporations and banks) jockey for position, power and profit playing all sides off against one another. World War 3 will be followed by complete control over a much reduced population by an authoritarian world government made up of a council of stake-holders(the elite) that will decide what is best. There will be no room democracy as all decision making will come from unelected technocrats. It is interesting to note that all three scenarios end up with some form of global governance which is the stated goal of the World Economic Forum.


“The result is a stripped-down global system in which the liberal ideals of freedom, democracy, justice and equality are no longer put forward as a paradigm to which all should aspire.”


“Armed non-state actors on both sides seek to leverage the conflict for their own ends, forcing the parties to the war not only to fight each other, but also to engage in hybrid conflicts against third parties.”



“All three scenarios reflect uncertainty around the future role and ability of global governance institutions to deliver on security. In an ideal world, a strong global body would have the tools and standing to mitigate conflicts involving either terrorism or competition between great powers, and to contain and resolve peripheral conflicts. “




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14 Comments on Security Outlook to 2030: 3 Alternative Scenarios

  1. Guy Whittington // July 11, 2016 at 11:26 pm // Reply

    Raptorman..I just heard your excellent call on Alex Jones!
    I was wondering if you have a YouTube channel for which I could subscribe.

    Thank You


  2. George Orwell would have been jealous. And he got it about right.
    So what to do?


  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I heard you as a caller on the Alex Jones show and decided to check this out. Keep putting out good information like this.


  4. Great job man.

    Heard you on (guess where), sounded fascinating so I had to check it out for myself.

    Will be reblogging this on my site – scary stuff, so obvious they are engineering by design what they are pretending to predict as ‘trends’.

    My blog – check it out and say hi.



  5. johnnylobo // July 12, 2016 at 5:55 pm // Reply

    You are a true and great info warrior. Keep up the fight.


  6. what a great article! thanks bro!


  7. Absolutely incredible, the images.. everything.. insane!
    Whats this weird phenomenon with the so called intellectual liberals that wont even read a document or any proof you try to show them, they wont actually confront the evidence.
    Drives me mad!
    Props for making a website, ive been wanting to do a youtubechannel or blog or something for the past couple years


  8. Now my Favorite site to show others, for instant.. REAL.. in your face.. information. You put it together so very well !!

    Thank You for waiting on hold that day !!



  9. Nick Airus // July 13, 2016 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    Raptor man,
    Slam dunk with this one!
    There’s no way such naked disdain for humanity will survive politically, and we the people are enough strong are all way too smart and spiritually superior to their pathetic vision of humanity to fall for this third grade history class divide and conquer strategy.
    The Elite really have no idea how twisted their souls and fearful their hearts have become.
    May God Be With Them in this time of self reflection for them.
    The war for ideas is off and running and so far humanity 1 – world economic forum 0.


  10. Great report Raptorman! Heard about your site on Alex Jones. I will keep your site bookmarked from now on. I had no idea about this Davos report. You’re doing some important work here, keep it up!


  11. Heard your excellent call on AJ. I am in Australia so interested in what loving, sustainable, development the globalists have in store for us too. I think we get given to China.


    • It is interesting that you made the observation that America has been given to China and you could not be more correct on that point. Not only are large swaths of ‘protected’ public lands being sold of in lot parcels to places like China for their proposed Mega-Cities it was plainly evident that the spectacle we witnessed at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge was an orchestrated event to dissuade Americans from finding out the true nature of the land deals that sparked the outrage, which just happened to revolve around a current political incumbent Hitlery Clinton selling off large chunks of our land so that Russia can mine material for their nuclear arsenal, talk about royally being screwed by our own politicians. But of course we all know by now, if you have been led to this site, that the beast we are dealing with here is much bigger than anyone has anticipated. If you will notice, China is just getting off the ground in IT’S very own Industrial Revolution, but what people fail to notice is that it just happens to be the very same TEMPLATE that has been being used on societies for a millennia now evidently, because it doesn’t take many tweaks in the plan to make it all successful because it seems to have been working for them very well. This TEMPLATE I speak of not only includes all the elemental and INCREMENTAL steps it takes to bring each of these societies to fruition and then, eventually, ruin, like fascist political and economical dogma to keep the country in complete control, hampered by the big investment families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who have been steadily building vast empires using an old foothold through the Kaifeng Jews in China (and by Jews I don’t mean antisemitically they are the Luciferian Phariseeaic worshippers of the ‘god’ Baal (Enlil-Nephilim) – “those Jews that call themselves Jews but are not” – Jesus). I could not stress how closely the template resembles the same one that has been run on America for the past 70 years, and Germany before that, that they are identical to the point of even having a newly opened Disneyland full of the same old brainwashing themes most of America’s children have been subjected to for the past, well, 70 years, because Disney opened it’s doors on or around or pretty close to when the OSS became the CIA and subsequently all of its following Mk-Ultra programs. So, if you will notice China is just another entire society that they are in the process of engineering as another elite ‘project’ – the molding and manipulating an entire society for it’s production capacity until it is no longer useful to them – sans America.

      Understanding the complete gambit of how the Mk-Ultra project has effected US ALL through the Hollywood movie, music and entertainment machine, (frankfurt school) controlled education system, guns and drugs trade, prostitution and sex trafficking, blackmail and extortion rings can bring about a true understanding of the precipice America is hanging in right now at this moment – and just might bring true freedom.

      For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear we have been provided a glimpse of the future by the famed fictionalist George Orwell in his book 1984 with his illustration of the various City-States of the World:

      • Oceania covers the entire continents of America and Oceania and the British Isles, the main location for the novel, in which they are referred to as ‘Airstrip One’.
      • Eurasia covers Europe and (more or less) the entire Soviet Union.
      • Eastasia covers Japan, Korea, China and northern India.

      Each of them waging fake and proxy wars between the three of them into scaring their populace into that partisan nationalism that propels industry for maximum profit.

      Of course Chinese and Russian Communist States are going to be the ‘perfect’ models for the reformation of the world because the elite have found out that a Fascist/Communist/Socialist State is the easiest to control vis-a-vis maximum output – meaning the economy of not having to answer to a union and simply a bullet works out the best for the 1%.

      For more on the Mk-Ultra project and it’s continuing effect on the U.S. and the world:


      And for a broader more comprehensive understanding of the New World Order Con that is being played out on America as we speak, look here:

      God Bless, God Speed



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