America2050 Plan has Harney and Grant County Oregon Ranchers in its sights.



Underperforming Counties mean at least 25% of the population of your county isn’t within one of the eleven megaregions. Check this map to see if moving is in your future.



America 2050 is basically the plan of development for the United States of America for the first half of the 21st century by and is coincidentally similar to other Ford and Rockefeller Foundation funded plans such as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. All of these plans promote moving people off the land into dense urban areas through social- economic or “other” means, as is well understood by the bureaucrats. This plan is incredibly detailed and even goes to the county level. Many have discussed the overview of this ongoing program but lets take a closer look and possibly understand what the future holds for property rights disputes like the one currently happening near Burns, Oregon.

Included in the maps and research on the organization’s website is a section on underperforming counties and areas. It is, once again, very similar to the Biodiversity Corridor maps of areas to be cleared of humans and Harney and Grant counties are targeted specifically as underperforming counties out of all of Oregon.


Ranchers in Harney and Grant Counties are feeling the effects



Underperforming counties or “white spaces” are a nice term for an area that needs to be cleared of people because its population does not lay within a mega region zone and therefore it makes no sense to keep funding infrastructure for human habitation.  These areas are to be set aside as wildlife corridors or used to extract resources by international corporations such as Uranium One , in this particular case. Multinational corporations will establish huge resource extraction operations far from the preying eyes of the public. Of course it is couched in nice terms and mundane language to save the environment, combat climate change or whatever is convenient at the time.


If 25% of your population does not reside with in a mega region you live in a non performing county or “white space”.  You will eventually be moved out.






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3 Comments on America2050 Plan has Harney and Grant County Oregon Ranchers in its sights.

  1. AkhaldanSolo // February 5, 2016 at 7:49 pm // Reply

    These articles keep getting more interesting and intriguing as you go.Great insight!


  2. lecombatblog // July 12, 2016 at 4:02 am // Reply

    Found you via Alex Jones when you called in. Great info & reporting. Will be sharing!


  3. AkhaldanSolo // August 28, 2016 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    Raptorman Reports seems to be one of the very few who can recognize distinct repercussions from the early 50’s world economic forums that succinctly outlined the elite plans of a centralized economic and religious center for the entire world, all laid bare for the past 66 years in plain old black and white in their own widely circulated materials, only of which a core few originals survive to this day. Any researcher worth his weight in salt has to site the Rockefeller plans for One World Government.

    It is refreshing to see the influx of visitors to RaptormanReports from the Alex Jones Show as per Raptormans correspondence on his show, I would hope that the information presented by this researcher would spurn some more interesting debate, that is , if SkyNet doesn’t stop fucking with this researcher’s view count. The AI in control can recognize anything probably even as we are typing this as we speak. Let’s see how long this comment stay’s up.

    Although I understand that some of Alex Jones viewers know that Mr. Jones is becoming very transparent in his role as an agent provocateur trumping hard on the propaganda for the ‘new’ ‘alt right’, some people are not quite clear on his distinct role as a propaganda minister for the new world order. His voice alone is meant to incite contempt, his skewed second amendment assertions have inspired hundreds of thousands to buy in to the disarmament scam and have armed more Americans ready for any conspiracy to pop up just around the corner, in the meantime the psyop is really meant to arm Americans so that they will eventually go crazy from the impending economic meltdown and continue to kill EACH OTHER, prompting ever more police intervention and martial law. These gun psyop’s are meant to ARM Americans, get them mad, and start shooting at anything, creating real reasons to take them away.

    Mr. Jones also adamantly and thoroughly avoids the subject of the Zionist influence in the world sphere as if he has some supreme condition for not doing so when the subject is entirely unavoidable by any real conspiratorial standard. His martyrdom for having responsibly and maturely broached the subject considering his current 15 minutes of fame, and the fact that he still has not chosen to do so, while mingling with the likes of Roger Stone while campaigning for Trump high as a kite on cocaine and having the audacity to interrupt a live broadcast of a contemporary’s news broadcast is incomprehensible and shows Mr. Jones true colors.

    I am elated that the proper kind of attention is being paid to this researcher and his material but I would also appreciate is MUCH GREATER if it was used and taken in the right CONTEXT.

    Hopefully, Mr. Jones will adjust himself appropriately.


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