Internet Censorship for the Little Guy


When RaptormanReports started as a side project, it was fully expected that no one would ever read or want to see any of the original content on the website. While encouraged by the response for such a small start up blog from the readership, what was not expected was the reaction from establishment services on the internet. No one would have any interest in the blog itself, it was thought, but it would provide reliable and accurate feedback for future projects. Surely services such as LiveLeak, YouTube, Google as well as trolls and bots would have no interest in stopping the spread of any information provided here. That illusion quickly wore off as almost all videos produced were heavily downcounted on YouTube by any reliable metric.  Permanently  banned from LiveLeak for Plan for Permanent World Capitol .  Bot sites keep popping up with my content that  redirect to spyware and viruses . It was  all very weird and unexpected .


Don’t go here, just blocked spyware researching for this article!


Now, RaptormanReports wasn’t writing about knitting or cute kitties. The realization started setting in that the counts was being suppressed even though multiple third party sites as well as this one showed much higher numbers. Being very open to the possibility   that the videos are not of the highest quality. It still stands to reason, by any marketing study known, that many more people will watch a video instead of read a lengthy article. Keep in mind also this is only a couple examples.

Plan for Permanent World Capitol

YouTube count is much lower than other metrics:


Just one of the other outlets that carried this story among many others, Reddit, Facebook Tweeted and retweeted.


Plus metric from RaptormanReports:


That’s 3751 just on two platforms to Youtube’s  901. Wow! That roughly 25%.

Things really started getting screwy with a call to the Alex Jones Show to talk about a World Economic Forum report. This report  had about 67 views on RaptormanReports platform when the video was put up.

Security Outlook to 2030: 3 Alternative Scenarios


These are metrics from RaptormanReports platform only. Once again Facebooked, Tweeted and retweeted, Reddited and carried on many other sites:


2905 to Youtube’s 507. Even much lower than 25% considering this went all around the internet. This is very facsinating and had this not happened the personal interest would have probably worn off. The very fact this is happening indicates, RaptormanReports is getting some good information out, even for a little guy.

About Raptorman (73 Articles)
An investigative journalist and forensic historian researching interesting and informative subjects, Raptorman is a freelance writer linking to source documentation to ask important questions not covered anywhere else. Raptorman Reports has had articles published by hundreds of websites around the world. Visit for News, Science and History

2 Comments on Internet Censorship for the Little Guy

  1. Cumby O'Boombox // September 22, 2016 at 5:43 pm // Reply

    Love the site brother, keep it up!!!


  2. Thank you for being both thorough & articulate. But you must post more info!


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