Dakota Access Pipeline: The Big Picture




The recent protests against the construction of the Dallas-owned Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota around the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation lands has garnered media attention recently. Protests against the pipeline project have attracted people from around the country and led to many high profile arrests. Friction between the needs and desires of corporations and governments and the people who actually live on the land will only escalate in the coming years.  What are the deeper reasons behind the construction of this and many other pipelines in the region and beyond?


One only has to look at the very plan of development for the United States of America for the next 34 years brought to you courtesy of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations.  Please go to and become very familiar with it’s contents to find out if you will eventually be routed from your land by socio-economic or “other” means.  Eventually wide swaths of the country will be designated as white spaces only to be used by government and corporations. Industry will rape the land far from the preying eyes of the public. Citizens will not be allowed to step foot on the land they once owned as a nation. These white spaces will be comprised of already under performing counties across the country. If 25% of your population does not reside with in a mega region you live in a non performing county or “white space”.  You will eventually be moved out. This will all be done to protect the planet of course.

As you will see this is an attempt to steal all natural resources available for multinational corporations. Morton County North Dakota, where the protests are taking place, is most definitely on the non compliant county list. Check for yourself and see what they have planned for you and your family. The website is very detailed down to the county level.

Note the placement of this and all other pipelines overlayed with non compliant counties map to get the full breadth of the scheme.



Notice how all current and future pipeline projects are located in the “white space” or current non compliant counties.



As you can see all current and future pipeline projects are to take place in the vast white zones made up of current non compliant counties. Included in the maps and research on the organization’s website is a section on underperforming counties and areas. Look on to see if you live in an area that is slated to be cleared.



 “New Strategies for Regional Economic Development,” gathered people with a range of expertise and diversity of backgrounds, including those from declining, post-industrial regions, rural and frontier communities, and experts on state and federal economic development policy to address strategies for declining and bypassed regions within the nation’s emerging megaregions and the vast “white spaces” in between. The “white spaces” refers to the more than 75 percent of the land area and 25 percent of the population of the country not included in one of the 11 emerging megaregions. America



Your reservations await!


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  1. AkhaldanSolo // November 2, 2016 at 5:58 pm // Reply


    Someone’s looking out for the good guys!


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