The Doomsday Machine. What is It?


For every technology invented there is a positive and a negative use for it. Nuclear technology that came into being in the middle of the 20th century is no different. This technology could destroy the entire world with weapons or save it if limitless clean energy production is achieved . Power on this scale was once unimaginable but with the invention of the Nuclear bomb(A-bomb) and later the Hydrogen bomb(H-bomb) mankind entered a new era. The design of the Hydrogen bomb allowed it to be built to any size leading to the conclusion that an even more heinous weapon could be constructed. A Doomsday Machine. First conceived of by physicist Leo Szilard it was theorized such a Doomsday machine could end all life on Earth forever. The existence of the Cobalt-60 bomb cannot be confirmed by open sources but it is rumored that both the US and Russia have developed them.

This new era was ushered in with the detonation of the first fission bomb, the A-bomb, consisting of a spherical plutonium core imploded by conventional explosives to produce a breaking apart of the plutonium atoms resulting in a release of energy equal to loss of mass incurred during the reaction times the speed of light squared. Even if a small fraction of the plutonium is lost it is still multiplied by a factor of 89,875,517,873,681,760   according to Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2.

A-bomb E=MC2: Fission    Energy (E) released equals the mass lost (M) in the reaction, however small, times the speed of light squared (C). Light travels at 186,ooo miles a second. To square them it is 299792458 meters a second times 299792458 meters a second. A number to big to imagine equaling a factor of 89,875,517,873,681,760. The more mass lost in the reaction the bigger the explosion. This is a very large number times just a couple kilograms of plutonium. Meaning a huge amount of energy is released by the very first A-bomb in the form of heat and radiation causing a considerable blast wave about a mile in diameter. Spreading immediate gamma radiation and contaminating the area with radio active particles depending on wind patterns.

H-bomb E=MC2: Fusion  Hydrogen bombs of the Teller–Ulam design consisted of two main parts. The trigger which was just a modified A-bomb and the fusion material inside consisting of hydrogen lithium deuteride  hydride. With this design the process can skip using large amounts of expensive fissile material like plutonium and use the most abundant and cheap material in the universe, Hydrogen. Fission ignites the hydrogen with heat which causes it to fuse leading to a secondary fusion reaction giving more mass to be plugged into the equation E=MC2. The thermonuclear bomb can result in blast radius of any conceivable magnitude between 5 and 50 miles in size currently.  The A-bomb is the trigger for the H-bomb. This two step process within the Teller–Ulam design was a heavily guarded secret until the mid 1980s. Is there a third stage for this design?

Now H-bombs can be made to any size as the amount of inexpensive hydrogen added increases the effect as demonstrated in the Castle Bravo and the Russian Tsar Bomba or Ivan experiments. Imagine there are hundreds of kilograms lost, instead of a couple of kilograms, because of the secondary fusion reaction. This times a factor of  89,875,517,873,681,760. A lot more energy is released by H-bomb than by the A-bomb. This was made possible by the use of lithium deuteride to store the hydrogen more effectively. Read about this open source national security secret and it’s potential benefits for sustainable energy in the article The Deep State and Sustainable Energy.

The device was called Shrimp and had the same basic configuration (radiation implosion) as the Ivy Mike wet-device, except with a different type of fusion fuel. Shrimp used lithium deuteride, LiD, which is solid at room temperature; Ivy Mike used cryogenic liquid deuterium, LD, which required elaborate cooling equipment. Castle Bravo was the first test by the United States of a practical deliverable fusion bomb (hydrogen bomb).

Thermonuclear weapons can be made to any size depending on how much hydrogen is packed inside them.  Unbelievable!



1 and 2 are the A-bombs dropped on Japan. 3 and 4 are the average H-bomb warheads used today. Compare these to open air experiments testing how big a Hydrogen bomb can get.


Every one thinks that a nuclear war could end all life on Earth if it was a total exchange between super powers. Even with this kind of scenario there would be some humans left. It would make what survivors that were left wish they were dead but mankind would go on. Unfortunately that’s where the Doomsday bomb comes in.

Cobalt-60 Bomb was originally theorized by physicist Leo Szilard as a H-bomb surrounded by a massive amount of  Cobalt-60.  When exploded it would be so radioactive, no matter where it detonated on Earth, all life would end because of the intense radioactive fallout produced. A lot of the mass lost in the reaction turns into radioactive particles. The explosion would send radioactive particles around the world by high altitude winds spreading devastation everywhere. Life on Earth would be impossible for thousands of years. On a smaller scale this weapon could make any country uninhabitable using regular H-bombs jacketed in Cobalt-60.  Cobalt-60 coupled with an explosion the size of the Russian Tsar Bomba  would certainly be a Doomsday Machine. No matter where it went off. There are also indications that more refined versions exist with much shorter half lives. Radioactive particles would lose their radiation in three years as elites sat in their bunkers. This could be activated by a computer “dead hand” switch that would trigger the Doomsday Machine if a country were to be sneak attacked and no one was left to respond. The ultimate deterrence. This type of technology would be irresistible to the superpowers of the world.

A doomsday device is a hypothetical construction—usually a weapon, or collection of weapons—which could destroy all life on a planet, particularly Earth, or destroy the planet itself, bringing “doomsday“, a term used for the end of planet Earth. Most hypothetical constructions rely on the fact that hydrogen bombs can be made arbitrarily large assuming there are no concerns about delivering them to a target (see Teller–Ulam design) or that they can be “salted” with materials designed to create long-lasting and hazardous fallout (e.g., a cobalt bomb).

A pattern is emerging. The A-bomb triggers the H-bomb and the H-bomb triggers the Cobalt-60 bomb. Is this a third stage to the Teller–Ulam design?

If this sounds familiar to movies like Dr. Strangelove that’s because life is weirder than fiction. Herman Kahn was one of the leading proponents of this theory while working at a think tank owned by the RAND corporation. He was also the inspiration for many of the characters in the Stanley Kubrick film.

Since the 1954 Castle Bravo thermonuclear weapon test demonstrated the feasibility of making arbitrarily large nuclear devices which could cover vast areas with radioactive fallout by rendering anything around them intensely radioactive, nuclear weapons theorists such as Leo Szilard conceived of a doomsday machine, a massive thermonuclear device surrounded by hundreds of tons of cobalt which, when detonated, would create massive amounts of Cobalt-60, rendering most of the Earth too radioactive to support life. RAND strategist Herman Kahn postulated that Soviet or US nuclear decision makers might choose to build a doomsday machine that would consist of a computer linked to a stockpile of hydrogen bombs, programmed to detonate them all and bathe the planet in nuclear fallout at the signal of an impending nuclear attack from another nation.

Taken in total to any rational person all of these weapons systems represent the Doomsday Machine.



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  1. Some good info, thanks


  2. You don’t appear to have any article on the emerging 5G arrayed antennae short wave technology being rolled out . There is a petition online currently with 26000 scientists attesting to its extreme danger for life on this planet. Any thoughts?


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