Elite Injecting Blood of the Young. How Young? The Scientific Research from the Rockefeller Foundation.


The term Parabiosis came into the mainstream view with an announcement that tech billionaires had an interest in injecting young people’s blood for life extension. While adherents of parabiosis claim to get blood from legal means, we shall examine the science and legality of that proposal. RaptormanReports is in no way inferring that this particular person is responsible in any way for a black market in blood. Like the top of an iceberg sticking above the water, this article is instructive of what may lie beneath or ahead. Many articles detail the very wealthy’s interest in the process of transfusing the blood of the young for it’s rejuvenating properties. The ghoulish concept was calmly reported and widely lampooned in the media with no serious look at what it really means. While the use of the blood of the young by the elite is nothing new in history, this takes matters to a new industrial level.



Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People’s Blood |

Peter Thiel Isn’t the First to Think Young People’s Blood Will Make Him …

Any of the recent articles on the subject are carbon copies of each other, all referencing the same report in the journal Nature. Mentioning only the same part of the report entitled Ageing research: Blood to blood and not considering the deeper implications.

In the past few years, however, a small number of labs have revived parabiosis, especially in the field of ageing research. By joining the circulatory system of an old mouse to that of a young mouse, scientists have produced some remarkable results. In the heart, brain, muscles and almost every other tissue examined, the blood of young mice seems to bring new life to ageing organs, making old mice stronger, smarter and healthier. It even makes their fur shinier. Now these labs have begun to identify the components of young blood that are responsible for these changes. And last September, a clinical trial in California became the first to start testing the benefits of young blood in older people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep in mind that very rich and powerful people through out history have always exploited target populations for their resources. This leads to two primary questions:

How young is the blood needed for maximum effects?

How is this blood obtained?

In reference to the first question, again quoting from the same article in the journal Nature. This part was conveniently left out of the mainstream pieces.

Clive McCay, a biochemist and gerontologist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, was the first to apply parabiosis to the study of ageing. In 1956, his team joined 69 pairs of rats, almost all of differing ages3. The linked rats included a 1.5-month-old paired with a 16-month-old — the equivalent of pairing a 5-year-old human with a 47-year-old. It was not a pretty experiment.

In fact, looking into any of McCay’s experiments , to obtain any effect at all the very young must be paired to the old. Not sort of young like a consenting 18 year old, really young like a 5 year old!!  The age range to obtain effects is a sliding scale meaning the older you are the younger blood needed for maximum effect. Pairing the equivalent of an 18 year old  with a 47 year old produced only negligible results. Where as pairing that same 47 year old with a 5 year old produced much better results. All of this is certainly not good for the young host as it is sucked dry of it’s vitality.

In McCay’s first parabiotic ageing experiment, after old and young rats were joined for 9–18 months, the older animals’ bones became similar in weight and density to the bones of their younger counterparts5. More than 15 years later, in 1972, two researchers at the University of California studied the lifespans of old–young rat pairs. Older partners lived for four to five months longer than controls, suggesting for the first time that circulation of young blood might affect longevity6.

To view the paper’s from the experiments pay $39 as the materials cannot reproduced here for copyright reasons. What can be reproduced is a sample from linked above available to the public.


Please note the study was funded by the Office of Naval Research in conjunction with none other than the Rockefeller Foundation. It seems this organization has it’s fingers in every little pie. RaptormanReports cannot afford to be sued by the Rockefeller Foundation as we are probably not well liked by them already.

Plan for Permanent World Capitol 

Nelson Rockefeller Wanted Obamacare Plan in 1954


Which leads us to next question. Where would such young blood be obtained? Some small clinical trials can get it through blood banks with specific permission. Certainly not from legal methods for longevity reasons. The age to donate blood nationally is 17 years old and the person must also be at least 110lbs. Even if the blood does come from a consenting adult it is still not legal to purchase it as a health aid like Asper Cream! There are blood drives all over the country everyday because the Red Cross is low on donations.  So where is this blood coming from?




This is all very disturbing and not pleasant to consider by any means.  We know that ethics are no boundary to the elite through out history. Any rational person would have to ask themselves this question. How long before the appetites of the rich and powerful create a black market for the blood of the young? If they haven’t already.



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