Google Censorship Against Small Independent Bloggers


Most are aware of the massive censorship being undertaken by Google, YouTube, Twitter and many other internet corporations against the more well known independent media outlets. All in the name of stopping supposed “fake news”. Such as the de-listing of NaturalNews network by Google for 6 days. An unprecedented move. Which Google never really “re-listed” NaturalNews. They just bury the articles now. Gmail won’t even deliver their emails. Or Google Ad roll banning InfoWars costing millions. YouTube de-monetizing all independent voices such as SGTReport and many others.

It seems these internet giants are not content just going after the larger names. They are now personally going after the little guy. Even if your not monetized at all and have a very small audience.

Raptorman is a start-up blogger and has only been putting content out for a short time. Maintaining an official website for about a year. Meticulously sourcing articles with quotes and links to scientific journals, government documents, and current news events. Sometimes contributing articles on NaturalNewsBlogs.

Being used to the down counting of videos on YouTube and harassment from somewhat organized trolls on my own website. Suspension or deletion of articles on Reddit of Facebook. The standard fair. What came next was more surprising.

Facebook has been refusing to share some of NaturalNews articles. Zeroing out the “likes” on NaturalNewsBlogs main page daily. Put a “like” in on the main page. It won’t be there the next day. All of the authors at NaturalNewsBlogs had their personal “shares” and “likes” taken away. Shown on the plug in on the their article’s page. When NaturalNewsBlogs was made it’s own root page. A move to insulate NaturalNews from more attacks by Google. Even the comments were not allowed to be transferred. Many bloggers losing thousands of “shares” and “likes” on some important articles. Yet bloggers who have been their much longer lost tens of thousands of “shares” and “likes”. Years of work by some bloggers. Making it look as if very few have ever even visited the site. These are regular people writing about topics they care about. Not click bait. Just individuals trying to have a platform out of love of freedom and education.

A head with a slash through it. Nice

Beyond Facebook’s censorship. It seems Google is targeting small time bloggers individually. Singled out for punishment by Google by disabling accounts for assumed unspecified terms and conditions violations. With no notification of such violations. Even though no money is being made and none of the content is monetized in anyway. Disabling all of RaptormanReports Google accounts including YouTube, Gmail and GooglePlus.

Apparently some term of service was violated. Which one is not specified. With no notification of any kind by Google or any DMCA request on any articles or videos. A link to the terms of service page lists an extensive number of reasons one’s account could be disabled by Google and scheduled for deletion. Meaning being banned from Google and all its services such as YouTube, Gmail, GooglePlus, and others.

Not even specifying which service or term was violated.  Try to submit a question as to why the account was disabled. At the bottom of the page it says “If we need more details or have information to share, we might follow up with you.” Don’t hold your breath. The YouTube videos are still there for now. A weird gray head with a slash through it appears where the brand used to be. Even though the brand appears on other Google platforms.  All videos have been transferred to other video sites. The expectation is they will not be on YouYube soon. All without any notice. Just a link to a hundred reasons you can be “disabled”. Interesting term as Google has so much power. When did Google become Reddit? Slapping you on the wrist and issuing a ban every time you share the wrong information? This seems to be the model we are headed towards. What’s going on? Google won’t say.

Please share this article and leave comments stating if this is happening to you. Another level of censorship where small unpaid independent bloggers are being targeted by the largest corporations in the world.

Posted on NaturalNews Blogs  written By raptorman

Editors Note: Google has graciously granted RaptormanReports access back into their electronic kingdom. Even putting the brand back up on YouTube. No reply or reason for “disabling” the accounts of this independent blogger were given. Leading to the assumption that this may happen again for any given reason. Many important day to day functions of keeping a well researched blog going were disrupted by this incident. Like receiving emails from contacts given that address or having to transfer all content to different platforms. Faced with the prospect of your operation being thrown into disarray at any time. What would you do?

Find other platforms for your content is the obvious answer. There by “self deporting” from 70% of the internet. Building other platforms is very important. Yet the obvious tactic being used by these internet giants is to harass clients to the point that they just leave. Giving the internet giants cover and plausible deniability. Able to say we didn’t ban anyone. The independent voices left because we made life so hard for them. Not our fault they “self deported“. LOL.


About Raptorman (73 Articles)
An investigative journalist and forensic historian researching interesting and informative subjects, Raptorman is a freelance writer linking to source documentation to ask important questions not covered anywhere else. Raptorman Reports has had articles published by hundreds of websites around the world. Visit for News, Science and History

4 Comments on Google Censorship Against Small Independent Bloggers

  1. your putting out very good articles its really a badge of honor to be blatently obviously censored, though i would suggest at least switching emails for important work like this website to something a little more private like or similar, though im sure this experience has taught you a valuable lesson in putting all your digital eggs in one basket. i myself have begun doing my best to disinvest in the monolithic corporo-fasism of microsoft google apple etc., this site has more actual real solutions on this topic


  2. // May 22, 2017 at 6:33 pm // Reply

    Interesting article. I was directed to this website via searching about recent censorship on various blog rolls, also including infowars in the search request. I’ve noticed a very strong trend of open blog reader censorship of posts, specifically ramping up dramatically over the past few months. Through a wide variety of sites which use disguss, censorship is dramatic and increasing. What’s most concerning is that level headed commentary is not allowed, but antagonistic and race baiting commentary is usually let stand. This is concerted pointed censorship. In further research, I’ve also learned that many companies have problem with disguss, and they also deal with selective and ongoing censorship. Once a censored topic or censored link is ever brought up again, anywhere at any site which uses disguss, it’s often removed and censored. One of the most devious behaviors of this censorship, is the delay factor so you don’t know it’s happening. Sometimes it’s real time, indicating automated. I don’t know Mr Raptorman, but censorship is growing and this is very concerning. I think from this point forward, nobody should be using disguss and everyone should get away from that. It’s not that hard to host your own blog and website, and forum, etc. Third party integration has continued to be the achilles heel of a free and open internet. Reliance on digital without any paper based republication is obviously being abused by censors. The miracle of the printing press, is the information can not be changed. By refusing to use sites that require log ins, I had previously been shielded from quite a bit of online censorship. However, things suddenly changed and with continued advancement in tech, censorship continues to increase. Thank you, Colorado.


  3. Sacha Baron Cohen, for his new Showtime show, has copied content from this page which can be found here:


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