Why RaptorMan Reports Hasn’t Blogged in a While


Since RaptorMan Reports started blogging about three years ago the internet has changed radically from what it was back then into the fragmented and much more controlled internet of today. Just that short time ago you could pretty much say what you wanted with in reason on social media and not expect to be censored or harassed. Internet searches actually returned results that were ranked by popularity or usefulness according to how many real people were searching that subject.

Now searches are manipulated by big tech’s much vaulted “algorithms”, that feed you politically correct non-sense results and are rife with disclaimers that this website or that person is fake news. Fact checker warnings next to everything the establishment doesn’t want you looking into, calling even a mild questioning of the “facts” a conspiracy theory. Literally telling you in the top search page what to believe before any information is ever seen. Ranked results are now usually three pages of mainstream garbage all saying the same thing.

If you’re a conservative blogger who doesn’t fit in expect not to be ranked very high. If you post on social media, as we all have experienced, expect a temporary or permanent ban as well as having posts completely taken down. Big tech can pull the rug out under a content producer at a whim. Then have one of their funny men make a farce out of the whole situation, as with what happened to this blog. Sacha Baron Cohen plagiarized articles from this blog about how RaptorMan Reports got kicked off Google and made fun of it on his HBO fake news website. He was forced to take it down but this the type of harassment for a small time blogger is mind-boggling. First censored by Google then made fun of for it by HBO, and RaptorMan Reports is nobody in this business.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s is Forced to Take Down Plagiarized NaturalNews and RaptormanReports Articles

Needless to say it’s dis-heartening when your content is censored off of the entire Google system for a period, yes all of Google, it’s in the article. Then NaturalNews, to whom RaptorMan Reports contributes to, is also de-listed, censored and demonized by big tech and media. Google even used the NaturalNewsBlogs page as the reason to ban the entire NaturalNewsNetwork ,de-listing them from the search engine for ten days. NaturalNewsNetwork still has not had its YouTube restored and never will.

We would even have our Facebook likes and shares on each article taken away at NaturalNewsBlogs everyday, so it appeared as if no one had read or liked them. This is the type of devious bullshit that is pulled on content creators of any type who don’t tow the PC line.

Even Twitter prevents former InfoWars reporters from following Raptorman Reports on Twitter. That’s when we aren’t being shadowbanned and people can actually see our Tweets. Is Twitter like a bar now? You’ve reached your limit, we can’t serve you anymore truth.



Censorship has become rampant under the guise of stopping so-called fake news leading to tainted search results and an even more divisive information environment, where no one can agree on the facts. Researchers have even noticed the internet is shrinking in terms of freedom oriented content as whole libraries of many different liberty minded podcasts and articles are scrubbed off of YouTube and other major platforms. This is the equivalent to modern-day book burning as researchers wouldn’t be able to even pull this information up leaving future generations without the critical details of how this techno-tyranny evolved.

Just three short years ago there wasn’t enough time to watch or read all of the independent media available at the touch of a finger. Now good luck trying to get a live feed or good video of your favorite podcasts between all the temporary or permanent banning and suspensions. All of this is happening to major content producers as well as small, leading to massive demonetization, with many sites and channels simply going out of business.

Censorship has had the desired effect on many small content creators because there is no way of sustaining your efforts monetarily or spiritually when all you get is frustration after frustration and roadblock after roadblock. Contributing your time for free when the pressures of life demand your attention is not a winning strategy. Even if it is being done for a good reason like truth and freedom. The powers that be know this and realize if they can make it almost impossible to get by in independent media, many will choose to not yell up a mountainside for very long with no results.

All this being said RaptorMan Reports still has a couple very important issues to cover and will continue to blog about freedom and truth until it is no longer possible. This blog was started as side project to have a little fun and it turned into an eye-opening experience and a ring side seat for the greatest show in the world. The next evolution in tyranny and the beginning of the extinction of any independent thought from the internet public square.


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1 Comment on Why RaptorMan Reports Hasn’t Blogged in a While

  1. Barry Miller // May 28, 2019 at 3:41 pm // Reply

    You know you are getting the real truth out when they come after you!!


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