Geoengineering and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection with Raptorman on the Anomic Age Show


This interview is based on a recently published scientific paper on Geoengineering by scientists Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner titled “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Tactics and Costs in the First Fifteen Years of Deployment”. Jon Age of the Anomic Age Show and Raptorman discuss the past, present and future of Geoengineering with jet aircraft using the scientific paper as a guide to what may be occurring in the skies now. The paper goes into detail about the number of aircraft, bases and chemical compounds needed for a global Geoengineering program and it looks a lot like what witnesses are reporting today. Raptorman’s article about the scientific paper was published on the front page of Natural News and shocked the Geoengineering research community. Interview starts at the 24 minute mark.




About Raptorman (73 Articles)
An investigative journalist and forensic historian researching interesting and informative subjects, Raptorman is a freelance writer linking to source documentation to ask important questions not covered anywhere else. Raptorman Reports has had articles published by hundreds of websites around the world. Visit for News, Science and History

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